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Who We Are

Dental Partners of Southwest Georgia was founded on a principle of having patients and doctors work together as one, to achieve the best dental care possible.

All of our offices have the same relaxed atmosphere. When you walk in the door, you'll feel welcomed, and you'll feel at home. We understand that going to see a dentist might not be a walk in the park, but we want you to feel as comfortable and as cozy as possible.

Medical Park

  • Dental Partners of Southwest Georgia
    112 Medical Park Road, Americus, GA 31709
    Telephone: (229) 924-3372
    FAX: (229) 924-5294

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Meet Our Team

  • Doctors

Having 9 doctors on staff allows us to meet your dental need in a large scope of procedures.

Reasons to Choose us

Multiple Doctors
We have 9 doctors on staff at Dental Partners who all are trained in various degrees of dentistry. Having that skill-force allows us to perform most procedures here in the office, and you may not need to be referred to another facility.
Several Locations
We offer 6 locations in Albany, Americus, Leesburg, and Sylvester. This gives you the freedom to choose the office that best suits your lifestyle.
The Right Technology
Technology in dentistry changes quickly, but at Dental Partners, we keep up with the latest tools and trends to be sure you have the right care available here in Southwest Georgia.

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Our History

  •  1995
    Dental Partners opens its original location on U.S. Highway 19 in Leesburg, GA.
  •  2000
    Dr. Chad Bush joins the practice alongside Dr. Jay Williams.
  •  2005
    Dr. Richman Margeson joins Dr. Bush and Dr. Williams.
  •  2006
    Dr. Thomas Wright joins the practice. Dental Partners expands to Albany and acquires its 3rd Avenue location.
  •  2008
    Dr. L. Willis Miles joins Dental Partners and a new office is opened on Oakland Pkwy in Leesburg.
  •  2009
    Dr. Amanda Merritt joins Dental Partners.
  •  2013
    Dr. Cecil Myers joins Dental Partners and his practice in Americus is added as a fourth location.
  •  2014
    The East Willingham Street office in Sylvester is added.
  •  2015
    Dr. Hugh Hudson joins Dental Partners and his practice in Sylvester is added as a sixth location.
  •  2016
    Dr. Jessica Seubert joins Dental Partners.
  •  2017
    The East Willingham office in Sylvester is merged into the Pope Street office.
  •  2017
    Dental Partners acquires a second office in Americus from Dr. George Bagley, IV.